A daddy and his daughter pretend to host a theological podcast where imaginary people ring in and ask questions about God. Every episode is filled with fascinating questions, answers and the wonders of a child-like faith.

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Thursday Mar 11, 2021

TODAY'S QUESTIONS What did it look like when Jesus died on the cross? Was Jesus inside his mother's tummy? Is God really actually three people?

Monday Oct 05, 2020

TODAY’S QUESTIONS How did God make the birds tweet? How did God make people? How did God make plants? Why did God make people?

Sunday Oct 04, 2020

TODAY'S QUESTIONS Why do we sing about God? Why do we pray? How do we pray?

Sunday Oct 04, 2020

TODAY'S QUESTIONS What's the biggest thing God knows about? Did God create himself? Why can Jesus do miracles, but I can't?

Sunday Oct 04, 2020

TODAY'S QUESTIONS Why do we have to read the bible? Why is God the boss of us? How does God know everything?

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